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Cost saving opportunities

Pallets in general have a big impact on your budget. It's time to explore a smarter, more economical solution – Green OX's light weight cardboard pallets. As a game-changer in the industry, our innovative pallets not only reduce your environmental footprint but also offer substantial cost-saving opportunities.

Reduced Freight Costs

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Lighter pallets mean lower shipping expenses. Say goodbye to excessive weight charges and hello to efficient, budget-friendly transport.

Streamlined Handling

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Lift, move, and position your goods easily. Our lightweight pallets require less manpower and equipment, meaning reducing labor costs.

Lower Material Costs

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Market price of 100% FSC certified corrugated cardboard material is less than wood or plastic on the first use.

Personalized Solutions

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Tailored to your needs,
Green OX offers personalized pallet designsextend your personal branding.

Eco-Friendly Savings

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Embrace sustainability while saving money. Green OX's eco-conscious approach aligns with cost-saving strategies, reducing waste disposal expenses. 

Make the switch to Green Ox's light weight cardboard pallets and get the rewards of a more efficient, budget-friendly future."

Unlocking Success: Test results

"Proven benefits of cardboard pallets explore the undeniable advantages of cardboard pallets with our comprehensive test results (ISO-8611). From efficiency gains to sustainability, discover how these pallets elevate your logistics game." 

Racking Test

Pallet placed on shelves

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This test is related to determining the capacity of the GOX pallet when placed on shelves (open racking systems). The GOX pallet is placed on a platform with an evenly distributed load and then a determination of maximum load capacity is calculated.

Handling test

Use of equipment with pallet

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This test is related to the handling of the GOX pallet with different equipment such as: forklifts, pallet jacks/hand jacks, or automatic lifts. The GOX pallet is tested upon entrance by evaluating the deflection on the edge and the center of the load with the different handling systems.

Stacking Test

Pallet double stacking

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This test is related to the capacity of the GOX pallet when one load is placed on top of another load. This test is also known as pallet double stacking. The performance of each pallet is evaluated when two GOX pallets are loaded and placed one on the top of the other.

Bending test

Pallet placed on conveyance systems

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This test is related to placing the GOX pallet on different conveyance systems such as: belt, roller, or chain. The GOX pallet is evaluated for performance when fully loaded to capacity and placed on the conveyance system.

Impact Test

Pallet support damage

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This test is related to determining the durability of the GOX pallet once one of its supports is damaged by impact. The GOX pallet performance evaluation determines if the pallet maintains the load despite the damage.

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Elevate Your Eco-Footprint: Cardboard Pallets' Sustainable Edge.
Step into a more sustainable future as we unveil the environmental advantages of choosing Green OX pallets over traditional wood or plastic pallet options. Discover how this simple switch can make a monumental difference in reducing waste, conserving resources and shaping a greener world.

by producing 320 Green OX pallets we save:




kilowatts of energy


gallons of gasoline


gallons of water


cubic yards of landfill space