Technology Adoption

icon_grn_pallet_techGreen Ox® Pallet Technology delivers confidence.

Adoption of our technology follows a methodological, results-driven approach whereby we work closely with clients to develop the appropriate solution to satisfy their needs, both operationally and financially.  We approach adoption of our patented corrugated pallets using these four criteria:

  • Load Safety
  • Quality Assurance
  • Continuous Supply
  • Customer Support


Each of our corrugated pallets (standard or custom) ensures safety of the load during handling and transportation. We work closely with our clients to jointly define and implement the right application for their product loads and business needs.


Our corrugated pallets are manufactured under strict quality guidelines that are developed and agreed to by each individual client.  In addition, we support the development of your internal quality assurance process to ensure the proper assembly, handling, and disposal of our pallets.


We understand the supply chain is a company’s heartbeat and modifying it can cause concern about continuity of product.  We closely manage and support the integration of our corrugated pallet technology into your supply chain to avoid any interruption—both upstream and downstream. In addition, we identify the best source of pallet supply for your operations to assure just-in-time delivery as flat blanks (un-assembled) or assembled pallets.  And, because our pallet is designed for one-time use and is recyclable, the need of handling pallets for storage and/or exchange is removed.


We work closely with each of our clients as their ally.  We are committed to a seamless, customer-centric process that is driven by client satisfaction, results, and bottom line savings.  We follow strict internal processes for each step of the adoption process, including production, testing, procurement, and ongoing support.