Pallet Technology

icon_grn_pallet_techGreen Ox® Pallet Technology is unique.

Green Ox Pallet Technology centers on a corrugated pallet that delivers cost savings through improved efficiencies in the handling, storage, and transportation of products.

Our patented corrugated pallet technology is unique and surpasses wood, plastic, and other corrugated pallet options.  Here’s how:

  • Technical design that allows for shipment and storage as flat, knock-down blanks
  • Assembly on a just-in-time basis as flat blanks or pre-assembled
  • One-way use, removing the need to manage pallet supply across the system
  • Availability of custom designs to meet specific needs
  • Manufacturing and delivery anywhere

Green Ox Pallet Technology provides a cost-effective, viable alternative to wood and plastic pallets.  And, unlike traditional pallets, our technology allows companies to achieve savings while reducing their environmental footprint.

Our feature-rich technology delivers multiple benefits from performance to safety to sustainability, resulting in a positive financial impact across the entire supply chain after implementation.


Green Ox Pallet Technology :: Key Features & Benefits

Category Design Feature Operational Benefit
Performanceicon_grn_performance Pallets are designed and rigorously tested to safely carry and protect the load(1) Transports and protects the product without interrupting the supply chain
Manufacturingicon_grn_manufacturing Pallets can be manufactured anywhere and are offered in standard or custom sizes Provides quick delivery and multiple size options for your specific need and load
Storage/Assemblyicon_grn_storage Pallets are manufactured into flat blanks and offer two assembly options Requires minimal storage space for in-house assembly or can be delivered when needed
Shippingicon_grn_shipping Green Ox Standard Pallet weighs only ~10.5 lbs.; considerably less than a wood pallet Reduces fuel consumption during transportation
Load Integrityicon_grn_assembly Pallets flex during transport, absorbing shock and vibrations Reduces product damage and promotes supply chain continuity and efficiency
Safetyicon_grn_safety Pallets have a seamless design (no nails, staples, or splinters) Improves employee and product safety; OSHA compliant
(food safety)icon_grn_sanitaion
Pallets are manufactured at high temperatures and are ISPM-15 exempt 100% sterile when produced and safe for transporting food and other products susceptible to contamination.  Requires no treatment for import/export
Disposalicon_grn_disposal Pallets are made from a corrugated paper providing post-use recycling revenue Allows easy disposal after use
Sustainabilityicon_grn_sutainablity Pallets are partially made using recycled materials and are 100% recyclable making them “Tangibly Green Minimizes CO2 emissions by approximately 85% compared to wood pallets and reduces a company’s environmental footprint(2)
(1) Recommended load weights are evaluated on a case-by-case-basis based on load weight/distribution, load configuration, shipment type, unitization, and pallet use.
(2) Based upon Life Cycle Analysis conducted by Colorado State University; available upon request.