Green Ox Pallet Assembly Machine

Introducing A Corrugated Pallet Assembly Machine
that Provides J-I-T Pallets and End-of-Line Packaging Functionality

Green Ox Pallet Technology has partnered with Edson Packaging Machinery to develop a state-of-the-art pallet assembly machine that will produce J-I-T corrugated paper pallets (approximately four per minute), providing cost savings, improved operational efficiencies, and end-of-line packaging benefits while also solving supply chain challenges surrounding shipping, food/product safety, sterility, sustainability, and more.

Beginning in late June, 2017, Edson will offer demonstrations showcasing the new machine and its assembly of Green Ox® corrugated pallets at their corporate headquarters in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

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Click here to read an article published in Automate Now Plus (July, 2017)

Why You Should Consider Replacing Your Wood Pallets

Compared to heavy, unsanitary, and expensive wood pallets (where the vast majority end up in landfills), corrugated pallets offer multiple benefits across the supply chain.  When you switch to Green Ox® corrugated pallets, you can benefit from:


  • Ship more products on trucks
  • Reduced transportation and fuel costs
  • Increased product on trucks and planes
  • ISPM-15 Exempt (no heat or chemical treatment required for international shipping)
  • A 100% sterile and 100% recyclable pallet
  • Safe transportation of products
  • Reduced product damage and worker injury
  • Instant supply through J-I-T provisioning while reducing pre-storage logistics and space
  • Elimination of costs associated with backhaul accounting and logistics
  • Custom designs that fit your product
  • Meeting sustainability objectives while reducing your carbon footprint throughout the supply chain

Pallet Production and Improved Shipping Efficiencies in Real-Time  

The new 663 square foot pallet assembly machine will allow you to produce pallets in real time for immediate use in your supply chain.  This eliminates the need for storage space for wood pallets and the backhaul logistics and resources involved in tracking them down.  And, with the ability to deliver a standard 48×40 pallet or a custom pallet designed to your product specs, you’ll never run out of supply.  You’ll also see your fuel and transportation costs go down as our standard 48×40 corrugated pallet weighs less than 15 pounds and is ISPM-15 exempt.

Proof of Concept Complements of IKEA

Thanks to IKEA®, corrugated pallets are proven.  In 2012, they implemented corrugated paper pallets across their worldwide supply chain proving a new operational model that delivered considerable savings—both economically and environmentally.  Each year, IKEA and its suppliers utilize some 35 million corrugated pallets globally.

Since making the switch to corrugated pallets, IKEA has estimated over $1 billion in savings, proving that a business model centered on corrugated pallets (instead of wood) is both profitable and good for the environment.

Secure Your Spot to See a Demo of the Pallet Assembly Machine 

To learn more about the upcoming Open House at Edson’s corporate headquarters and secure your spot to see the demo and learn more about our game-changing corrugated pallet, please click here or on the link below and complete a short interest form and a member of our team will contact you with additional details.  *Note your information will remain confidential.