Cost Savings Opportunities

icon_grn_cost_savingsGreen Ox® Pallet Technology creates cost savings
throughout the supply chain

Adoption of Green Ox Pallet Technology creates 33 potential cost saving opportunities throughout the supply chain.  From product handling and storage to receipt of shipment and pallet disposal, Green Ox Pallet Technology addresses multiple business challenges and brings savings in seven categories:

  • Shipping
  • Storage
  • Backhaul Logistics
  • Internal Logistics
  • Product Damage
  • Safety
  • Recipient Logistics

Here are some examples of the cost saving benefits and the enabling features of Green Ox Pallet Technology:

Green Ox Pallet Technology :: Examples of 33 Potential Cost Savings

Category Cost Savings Benefits Enabling Feature
Shippingicon_grn_shipping Reduces land & air transportation fees Green Ox Standard Pallet weighs only ~10.5 lbs.; considerably less than a wood pallet
Storageicon_grn_storage Reduces storage requirements by up to 80% J-I-T provisioning or stored as flat blanks
Backhaul Logisticsicon_grn_logistics Eliminates the need for pallet backhaul Designed for one-way use
Internal Logisticsicon_grn_logistics Supports operational efficiencies J-I-T capability, corrugate paper, & lower unit weight
Product Safetyicon_grn_cost_savings_2 Reduces product damage during handling, storage, & transportation Shock absorbing corrugate is free of protruding nails or wood splinters/shards
Safetyicon_grn_safety Reduces worker injuries/claims & lowers insurance costs Lower material weight with smooth surfaces
Recipient Logisticsicon_grn_logistics Provides recycling revenue & reduces disposal costs of pallet recipients 100% Recyclable

We place great emphasis on having clients perform their own net savings calculations to determine the benefits of adopting Green Ox Pallet Technology into their operations. We work closely with clients to identify and calculate the potential net savings across their entire supply chain.