EcoPallets is the exclusive provider of Green Ox® Pallet Technology in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda and offers the 1m x 1m Green Ox® corrugated pallet to businesses looking to reduce costs while minimizing their environmental impact.

Green Ox corrugated pallets can be used in most of the same applications as wood or plastic pallets, and offer a very clear advantage when used for air-freight shipments where weight is critical to cost.

Our two-piece, corrugated pallet delivers efficiencies in the handling, storage, and transportation of products, and delivers positive impacts both upstream and downstream.  Our patented, feature-rich design provides a cost-effective, viable alternative to wood and plastic pallets and addresses the supply chain challenges that affect a company’s performance, both operationally and economically. Features include:

  • Pallet weighs under 4kg, significantly reducing freight costs
  • Pallets are engineered to handle the dynamic weight of most shipments*
  • Pallets are designed and rigorously tested to safely carry and protect the load
  • Pallets are made from a shock-absorbing corrugate that is free of nails and splinters, thus reducing working injury and product damage
  • Pallets ship and store flat, reducing space requirements up to 90%
  • Pallets offer one-way use, removing the need to manage pallet supply across the system
  • Pallets are 100% recyclable, turning wooden pallet disposal costs into recycling revenue
  • Pallets are manufactured in Nairobi and delivered Just-In-Time

We work closely with each of our clients to ensure a good product-fit, and look forward to showing how Green Ox pallets can work for your business!   To learn more about Green Ox® Pallet Technology, please browse this Web site.  If you would like more information on EcoPallets Kenya or to place an order, please contact us.

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*Recommended load weights are evaluated on a case-by-case basis based on load weight/distribution, load configuration, shipment type, unitization, and pallet use.